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Our Story

In 1986, a young chemistry student from Taichung, Taiwan arrived in St. Louis, Missouri. With a limited set of family or friends in the country and only the aspiration to finish his degree in the United States, he had little idea what path he would take.

Started in 1994, Peter Guo established Deko International, a small food service distribution company in St. Louis, MO. Now over two decades later, the company has significantly expanded its depth and breadth.

With three divisions, Deko now covers food ingredients, food service and feed additives. The Company prides itself in being a national food industry supplier for customers of all backgrounds. Importing from across the globe, the company carries inventory in six states and owns and operates four offices and warehouses across the country. We provide our customers products when they need it, where they need it.

Even as the Company has grown, Deko remains committed to the values that got it to where it is today  - service, quality and hard work.

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