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Title: Database Administrator



Design, implement and maintain enterprise SQL server database for purchasing,
warehousing, inventory control, logistics, sales, finance and other daily operation
activities. The specific dutie include: (1) Upgrade and migrate of SQL Server
databases from SQL Server 2008/2012 R2 to SQL Server 2014 and maintenance
Run-book; (2) Install, implement Service Packs, and configure MS/SQL Server
2012 R2 and SQL Server 2014; (3) Create a complete schema including tables,
relationships, stored procedures, views, clustered and non-clustered indexes and
triggers, and implemented the import and export of data using SSIS; (4) Collect
and analyze data, develop and supply optional time, cost and logistics
network/solutions; (5) Create maintenance plan and SSIS package for data
maintenance, database backup, routine jobs , and other check jobs; (6) Analyze
performance trends, database health, index fragmentation and maintenance jobs
using Idera SQL Server Diagnostic Manager; (7) Monitor and ensure optimal
performance of SQL Server utilizing tools such as SQL Server Profiler, Activity
Monitor, Performance and Reliability Monitor, Data Collector, Policy-Based
Management, Resource Governor, Event Notifications; (8) Monitoring Event
Viewer, SQL Error logs, and maintain database consistency with DBCC bi-
weekly; and (9) Perform data partitioning for efficient management of database
tables and indexes.

Educational and Experience Requirements:

Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, Computer Engineering, Information
Systems or a closely related field.

Working Conditions:

Full time position; work location in Clifton, NJ.

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