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Title: Management Analyst



Be responsible for reviewing and analyzing companywide procurement,
distribution and management procedures to devise most efficient methods for
operation. Specific duties include: (1) Research and gather operational data of all
branch operation locations of the enterprise in several states; (2) Evaluate
operating procedures for improvement in sourcing, procuring, marketing,
inventory control, cost analysis, and coordination among the departments and
locations; (3) Analyze reports and confer with managers to forecast products
demand and supply to ensure availability of products; (4) Coordinate supply chain
activities related to strategic / tactical purchasing, inventory control,
transportation, warehousing, and distribution; (5) Analyze, evaluate, and
recommend changes of forms and reports, such as oversea vendor’s quote sheet,
setup form, and order guide; (6) Perform cost analysis and price comparison with
industry competitors; (7) Setup new international vendor, establish vendor
information and data records into files; (8) Identify processing problems, and
develop / refine enterprise internal records management system for filing,
protection, and retrieval.

Educational and Experience Requirements:

Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration, Business Management, Financial
Management, or in a closely related field.

Working Conditions:

Full time; work location in St. Louis, MO

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